How do I use Tastory?

You can start by searching on the map and browsing stories in both the Carousel view or swipe up for the Mosaic view to find ideas for your next meal. You can also start posting your own stories by tapping the Camera on the bottom left of  the main screen.


Why can't I see my stories in the main search?

We are committed to curating quality content and creating an exceptional user experience. Thus searches by default return only stories curated by content creators on the global map. To display stories posted by all users, toggle to “Everything” instead of “Curated” in the Search Filter. You can also share your Profile which showcases all the stories you composed by using the 'Share' button to share a direct link to your Profile. If you are feeling creative, you can apply to join our Content Creation team to gain further publishing privileges!


How do stories get ranked?

It's complicated. The math behind this is a mix of newness and quality of the stories. This is to encourage the creation of engaging, useful, accurate and unbiased storytelling!


I have an idea. Who should I contact?

Launching on the App Store is only one milestone out of many more to come! We are always open to feedback and suggestions. Talk to us at!


Something went wrong. What do I do?

For technical support, please email