Foodie Code of Conduct

It is an integral part of Tastory’s mission to help you discover dining ideas and facilitate a friendly foodie community.  While we appreciate your sharing of dine out experience with us, there are a few ground rules we must enforce to foster a safe environment and superior platform for everyone.

By using Tastory, you agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the Community Guidelines. If your activities do not adhere to these policies and guidelines, we reserve the right to take actions to protect this platform including removing content and deactivating user account. If you see any content contrary to our acceptable use policy, please let us know and we will consider each report accordingly.

Community Guidelines

Be authentic. We value integrity and do not accept plagiarism and infringement on intellectual property so only post text, photos and videos that you have the right to share.

Be mindful that the content will be consumed by a diverse audience. Keep the content free of nudity, foul or abusive languages, discriminatory comments and connotations against ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, age, disability.

Be respectful of the law. We have zero tolerance towards violence, drug use, fraudulent activities and anything that does not abide to the local laws and regulations.

Be relevant. This is a platform to promote and share the love of food. Please include dine out experience only. Irrelevant content are subject to removal.

Be truthful. We advocate purposeful sharing and strive to ensure accurate content. Avoid exaggeration and false information because it will disappoint our users when they find huge discrepancy between stories told and reality. This includes telling the whole truth so please disclose if you are associated with the restaurants or if the visits are sponsored.

Best Practices

Design a cover that represents your great work. The wrappers of things get people excited about what’s inside so select an eye-catching moment as your cover photo to make an impression and tailor the title to make it count!

Embrace creativity. Many choose blogging as their creative outlets and that’s why we have markup tools for your microblogging so you can express yourselves. Label the food to help foodies decide what the signature dishes are. Have fun with the fonts, color, pens, emojis, placements and sizes to create your style and attitude.

Keep your standards high. We encourage curated and fine content. Make sure your photos are clear and in-focus, and also your videos slow and steady to make other foodies drool over your stories.

Illustrate the all-encompassing experience. A restaurant visit is more than just the edible. From the neighborhood and entrance, to the ambiance and decor, to tablescape and menu design, all play a part in a great dining experience.

Add some personality and share your perspectives. There are many eateries in the city and we want to know why the ones you chose are your favourite or otherwise. Share your tips and tricks on how to enhance the experience.

Thank you for building a better Tastory. We are always open to suggestions and love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with us at

The Tastory Team